Looking Ahead

Press Release

Volume 2 of the Dying Light comic wrapped up this past Monday and you can order your print copy on our InDemand campaign here. Thank you all for reading along with us thus far and we hope you’ll want a copy for yourself!

We’re also announcing the wrap of Project Mammoth. Your support has been instrumental in getting us this far, but both the finances to personally support the project has, sadly, run out. We are happy to say that we were able to wrap filming on Episode 1, which is now in post-production having the 3D backgrounds and special effects added. Backers will still get their own copies of the pilot and first episode as well as other footage shot along the way.

Thank you again for backing us, reading, and viewing. We couldn’t have made it this far without each and every one of you!


Project Mammoth actress Darvinique: Making music with iNHale Film

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Darvinique Harris, known for here role as Simone in the upcoming episodes of Project Mammoth, is more than just an actress. She is also a musician who, with the help of iNHale Productions, is making a video for her single Not the Same.

We decided to give you a peek at the behind-the-scenes of the video production, as well as give you a taste of the of the story behind the song. And just because we’re nice, you even get a rough-cut sample of part of the the music video!

And for those craving more, the full interview as well as the directors cut of the music video will be available to iNHale Film Patreon patrons of ALL levels starting in February.

And here’s a look at the set up behind the making of the video!

iNHale Film on Patreon

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Starting January 9th, iNHale Film will open the doors on their Patreon account. Patreon allows you to support indie artists, like iNHale Film, on a regular basis. This keeps great indie art like Project Mammoth coming your way regularly.

Aside from the awesomeness of being a patron, you get some pretty cool perks  – check it out:

Keep Me Posted: Official patron status. This means you’ll get access to iNHale Film’s patron-only feed AND endless appreciation for joining the team.
$1 or more per month

Sneak Peek: You’ll see iNHale Film’s work before anyone else with early access to content, including early release videos, plus all previous rewards.
$5 or more per month

Live Feed: Every month, iNHale Film will have a patron-only live stream just for you, plus all previous rewards.
$10 or more per month

Sign Me Up: You’ll receive a monthly autographed item from an iNHale Film production, plus all previous rewards.
$20 or more per month

All Access: Not only will you get a monthly email from Nathan Hale of iNHale Film, but you will also recieve a personal call to thank you (one time only), plus all previous rewards.
$100 or more per month

The first monthly goal for iNHale Film is $120 per month which will help with feeding the cast and crew during filming this month. They’re pretty awesome people, and food keeps them that way. Helping meeting this goal helps keep production on Awakening – the domer’s part of the story – moving forward. Become a real patron of the arts for as little as $1 a month by supporting Project Mammoth’s producer on Patreon!

Creating Technology On and Off the Screen

Press Release

When it comes to science fiction, having shiny new technology kind of goes without saying. So when we set out to make Project Mammoth, we knew we couldn’t overlook the tech. Of course, with budget limitations, much of that tech would need to be created in post production.

Looking at modern tech, we found a launching point for much of the tech used throughout the show and comic. For the “nodes” found above the left eyebrow and temple of all Domer characters, we drew inspiration from Google Glass, mixed with an almost cyborg-like neural interface that allows for hands-free interaction with most technology. From sliding doors and holographic displays to hover cars and hologames, the world of the Domers is one where it truly is “Mind over Matter.”

While node-free interface is possible in the tech of Project Mammoth, and is even used on occasion to avoid leaving a “neural fingerprint”, the hands-free aspect gave us the freedom to have a highly interactive setting. This is something that grew increasingly necessary, given the limitations of budget and the fact that it is shot entirely on green screen using 3d elements for over 90% of the props and furniture. 

The challenge came in showing the viewer that a character is interacting with the tech. For this, we had to add a visual cue in post, in the form of flashing lights. While the nodes worn by the actors are physical props, the lights coming from them are added in post production. Some scenes, in which a higher level of security is required for access, we demonstrate this by having multiple nodes flash. 


Other physical props that require additions in post are the handheld holos used throughout the pilot. In order to create the visuals seen on the holos, numerous layers of animations with varying degrees of opacity and blend styles are composited in After Effects. Extensive planar tracking is then used to map/lock the final composition to the prop in the shot, creating the handheld holoscreen.


Another physical prop that requires work in post to bring to life is the plasma rifle. While one of the easier effects to add in post, it goes without saying that without it the gunfire scenes would be pretty dull. Perhaps the most difficult part of the effect is giving perspective to the plasma itself. When firing side to side on the screen, it’s not much of a concern. But when the plasma fires from background to foreground for example, the head and tail of the shot need to be varied in size to account for the perspective change. 

Fortunately, this is not too difficult to pull off in the plugin I use to create the plasma – Video Copilot’s new AE plugin Saber. Accounting for the perspective change, I change the width of the head and tail as it moves from the start to end point, giving the illusion of the shot moving closer to the camera, as pictured below.


In the end, it’s the blending of the props with the CG’s created in post that ultimately brings the technology to life. 

Awakening Episode 1 Begins Filming!

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Pre-production for season 1 of Project Mammoth: Awakening has begun! Our cast and crew are excited to be back on set at iNHale Film‘s Houston based greenscreen studio, working on scenes from Episode 1. Cast old and new meshed spectacularly, giving great performances and bringing the Domers of Awakening to life!

Check out photos from the set below and stay tuned for information on iNHale Film’s Patreon site, which will offer patrons early release of episodes 1-6 along with monthly behind-the-scenes interviews with cast and crew!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photographs thanks to Christain LaFargue & Jessie Tatum. More details regarding iNHale Film’s Patreon will be announced in December.


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You asked for it, and you got it: The backstory for Sofé, folks!

sofe-ferrar-side-by-sideSofé is one of the few characters, and the only main character, whose story crosses between both the web series (you can see her in the pilot of Awakening) and both volumes of the comic. The script for the Project Mammoth: Fractured Past ashcan, which features Sofé, can also be read by using the QR code on our cards or the front cover of volume 1.

Sofé has always been a domer, growing up in the Abu Dhabi dome to become known as one of the leading scientific minds in the world. She was recruited into the Bern dome where only the best an brightest worked to find a way to save humanity, and the Earth with it. While her specialty is biochemistry, Sofé’s designs often incorporated advanced nano-technology and she quickly formed a bond with the tech savvy Tosha, who’d been recruited out of the Baton Rouge Dome.

panel-3-pg-9-vol-2She was one of the few who supported the work of the geneticist Dr. Cahill, with whom she had an ongoing affair and her future looked bright – until she died in a lab accident in the Bern dome. Imagine the surprise of her former lover Dr. Cahill, when he discovers she’s alive and well, living with a child he didn’t know they had, in the Houston Dome.

And then her dome explodes.

Dig deeper into character backstories

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Last month, we featured Sofé’s toddler son on the blog, and next month we’ll continue the theme by digging into the often grim past of one new character each month – and you get to decide which one! Let us know using the poll below, then encourage your friends to come, read, and vote for their favorites!

Dying Light Vol. 1 Now in Stores!

Press Release

Volume one is now available in stores here in Houston at Bedrock City!


As for the web series Awakening, there have been a couple delays in getting together enough funds to begin the web series’ production, but we are finally close to beginning filming! Filming is slated to begin in November, and our actors are excited about their roles. They’ve been swinging by the studio for fittings as costumes are more than 50% completed, and the script is going through final revisions. As for our 3d ‘department’ their environments for nearly half of the locations are completed and the remainder require only a little more texturing and lighting.

If you know anyone who is interested in also being a part of the project as an awesome backer like you, or if you would just like to contribute more, we have an ongoing IndiGoGo InDemand campaign.

And don’t forget to stay up-to-date with the Naturalist’s story on the bi-weekly web comic!

Envisioning the Future: the Technology of Project Mammoth

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A big piece of the miliue of Project Mammoth is the technology. Technology not only affects our interaction with our physical environment and -as things progress- our capabilities, but how we interact with each other, so which technologies to feature were a key point for our world building.

outsiders1We wanted to give a sense of urgency, keeping the date of our envisioned future closer to our current time than many sci-fi settings would help with that, as well as fit into the accelerated impacts of global climate change that we’re seeing already. The added upshot of this is it increases believability – given enough time and pressure humanity has been able to find a solution to most problems. domerslifeTaking that time away made the scramble to survive on a dying planet seem far more real. It also gives readers of the Dying Light comic a sense of familiarity as the dilapidated world they move through resembles a retrofitted version of our own. And this helps contrast the social inequality between the Outsiders and the Domers, whose existence is not only cut off from the rest of humanity but filled with a wealth of newer tech. Hover or flight nice-ride-1capabilities on transportation was a must for Chanteé, partly for cool factor and partly dredged from the memory of walking on the sucking surface of over-heated blacktop in the summer – tar boiling up and sticking to one’s shoes. It seemed logical to her that solar-powered hover cars would be the solution to issues such as melting, cracking blacktop.

Projected or holographic images were another technology carried in for their ‘cool’ factor, the same one that powers our current trend towards interactive video games such as real-time overlays game-on(e.g. Pokémon Go), virtual reality (Samsung’s Gear VR, for example), and interactive gaming units (like Kinect). gamesDesiring to interact with the world of data without a physical console is, and has long been, a driving concept in our view of the future of technology and we wanted to carry that into our world with 3D games and interfaces that were projected images instead of physical items.

That concept of device-free interaction was a big part of our development of the nodes used by Domers as well. sap-clearance-requiredHow do people transmit and receive data? Voice commands are useful – and ultimately turned out to be necessary in order to cue viewers into the interaction between the user, their nodes, and the data system itself – but voice commands lack the ability to convey large amounts of data or provide security for private data. Still, having solely hand-held devices seemed almost rustic and we were taken by the concept of transmitting data directly from one’s brainwaves. drop-the-mic-1
For Domers, nodes provide an extra level of access, giving them the ability to define general queries, automatically be ‘in the know’ for important events, perform multiple functions including transmitting sensitive data, and guarantee a physical level of connection the Outsiders cannot achieve. To obtain a Node provides you entry to that coveted status of Domer – those humans most likely to survive earth’s extinction.