Music, Art, Tech and General Hackery

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Music, Art, Tech & General Hackery

Project Mammoth is a collaboration of four siblings striving to push the boundaries of music and tech infused with art.

MAMMOTH mini-CTF 2023!

We are happy to announce the 2023 “MAMMOTH mini-CTF”! This is a 10 challenge music themed CTF that will be embedded in the .mp3 for our new song “Debugged (the sound of an exploit)”. It will run from 2023-08-04 17:00 PDT to 2023-08-13 17:00 PDT. Follow here for more details soon!

This mini-CTF is jeopardy style with 10 challenges. The challenges are puzzle based and generally involve music related themes. They involve a wide variety of things like steganography and hiding/encoding data in various music/audio formats, a basic encryption challenge, a couple networking related challenges and even a challenge involving chatting with an AI over the phone to convince it to give you the key! No software or binary exploitation skills are required, but some challenges are significantly easier to solve with coding/scripting.

Details can be found here, and To register a user click here!!

Debugged (the sound of an exploit)

This is our take on the sound of a software exploit with sounds generated by tracing vulnerable software as it is exploited by a buffer overflow.

Dialed Up!

Check out the Dialed Up music video and song here!

Dialed up was our music and phreaking themed mini-CTF with hacking challenges embedded in the .mp3 version of the song. The contest is now complete, but if you like music and hacking, most of the challenges are still available for playing.

Click here to check out the original CTF contest and challenge data.


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